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The one and only Circuitree

To be honest, when I first started thinking about Circuitree, the first thing that came to mind was that I never knew him, or well, I was pretty shy to ask him who he was. I dont see him chat often on the Discord since we're probably in different timezones, but definitely it was an awkward moment since I prefer to actually know the people I draw. So, I made the greatest decision to talk to him about what he'd like, and I'll be honest, he was really nice!

I didnt expect him to be really nice, and it was really calming! Helped me a lot upon asking him interviewing-like questions at least, it was a delightful conversation! ❤︎

I tend to be really awkward and shy, but hey, thank you Circuitree, definitely helped me boost more upon the confidence to talk to people.~ uvu

Happy birthday, and have a fantastic one! \(◕ヮ◕)/

❤︎ Delicious


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