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Equinoxide (PC) 1 week ago

Trove is a place where I can go to be myself away from reality. I like being able to collect and spend in game money and buy things in game to expand on my collections. I like leveling classes. I like how many awesome items players have made in the game and how the community thrives on player made content. Most of all, I like how many friends i have made, and its all because Trove is played all around the world.

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Equinoxide (PC) 2 weeks ago

From what i have heard from a friend...once u have registered for a gold membership that is reoccuring, it is very very difficult to find a way to stop payments. Is there a way you can make this much easier for those who are on tight budgets? My friend had a steady job and was able to afford it for quite some time, but things went south and decided he needed to pull the plug on gold for a bit until he can get things back in line. After many hours trying to figure out how to disable his reoccuring payment method, he finally figured something out. Not sure what he did, but it was a last ditch effort type of thing. Something like that shouldnt have to happen. Can you fix it so reoccuring payments can be shutoff easier?

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Hanging with the pals

2 months ago

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Conjoined Twins <3

2 months ago

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We Know...We Bad

2 months ago

Equinoxide (PC) 3 months ago

The contest clearly states, CORNERSTONE. Just fyi

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Equinoxide (PC) 4 months ago

Its okay, I was thinking I was being really creative and was a little ticked that some1 took my idea. But all is forgiven. Didnt expect my work to inspire someone else, which in return is pretty cool :) 

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Dinner for Two

4 months ago

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Dinner for Two

5 months ago

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Equinoxide (PC) 9 months ago

what dont you get about 100 words or less? says in the guidelines.

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Equinoxide (PC) 10 months ago

I think there should be more contest options for in game. Too many Art based themes which some of us who are not skilled or dont have the time never attend. Possibly some Contests for screenshots of dropped items you have found, or maybe some funny contests like. Who can capture the funniest picture of a Streamer. 

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