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The Ultimate Trove Guide

Jinium (PC) June 20, 2017 425 views

New to the game? No idea what's going on? Returning player? This guide will cover most of the things you need to know about Trove !

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Updated Commands

Mario583 (PC) September 5, 2016 6,160 views

Based on the command list from Trove Wiki; Updated by me, All commands go in the chat box obviously.

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How To Unlock Every Single Dragon.

Monsta8 July 24, 2016 17,764 views

This simple guide will teach you how to unlock all the current dragons in Trove.

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Indepth Guide to the Pure DPS, Neon Ninja

SentinelKnife (PC) July 19, 2016 54,605 views

Ever wondered how to build the perfect Neon Ninja, well this is the guide for you to read. Gems and all will be explained here including playstyles.

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Fishing in Trove: Conquering Boredom

technomancer99 (PC) July 11, 2016 13,937 views

I know, I know there's already a fishing guide but this one's different because of my personal quirks (at least that's what I consider them XD). Let's be honest here, fishing is like the most boring thing you can do at Trove. Who wants to watch their character stand around and wait for a catch? But it can also be rewarding after obtaining stuff you can get from fishing.

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Power Rank

technomancer99 (PC) July 11, 2016 13,730 views

Display your power to the whole world with the new Power Rank system! Well not really to the whole world since the sigil is only visible to nearby players... This new stat combines Mastery, Character Level, Unlocked Dragons, and Equipment Quality (including Allies, Flasks, and Emblems) into one number to rule them all. 

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Multiple Cornerstones

Etaew (PC) July 11, 2016 1,761 views

Picking the class that best suits your playstyle is a piece of cake! Or maybe it’s easy as pie. Either way, it’s definitely dessert related – especially if you’re a Candy Barbarian (we’ll get to that later).

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Flasks and Emblems

Etaew (PC) August 21, 2015 2,854 views

Flasks and Emblems are just what the doctor ordered! Flasks are brimming with sweet ambrosia that will boost your health when you’re feeling low. Equip a Flask on your Character screen (C), and press Q whenever you want to drink the healing elixir. There are a variety of Flasks to choose from, so let’s take a closer look.

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Flux Guide

MtkEndamine August 8, 2015 6,591 views

A guide on how to get/farm flux for begginers.

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Which class should you pick? Best DPS one! no?

MyKanye August 4, 2015 20,764 views

Luckly in Trove you're not punished by picking the 'wrong' class as you'll be switching through almost all of them in near future of your gameplay. But it is good to know the basis.

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