Builder's Club Spotlight #17e02: Valentine Special News

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Posted February 14, 2017 by Evilagician (PC) and viewed 903 times.

To highlight community creations, we're going to feature a Builder's Spotlight once every two weeks. In this issue, we wanted to focus on valentine's builds. But instead we will focus on nice sceneries found in proposed clubs.

We've visited all clubs proposed in the comments of the last issue. While most did meet the "grey" request, valentine stuff was hard to find. Instead we'll showcase some of these clubs, so you can go there with your date(s).


This club has one slippery racetrack around the spawn, but if you and your beloved are in for some meditation, cross this amazing bridge to enter the walled city. The buildings are surrounded by ponds filled with

VietNamLovely (PC) Club: 8706 (#19)

Hello We are come from VietNam :)

/joinworld vietnamlovely View Club

 Os Kracudos

A brazilian club, with some interesting builds. Something of everything can be found here, big buildings to impress and gardens to chill. Take the green portal from the spawn to visit places.

Os Kracudos (PC) Club: 2639 (#63)

Club Brasileiro ! Estamos de portas abertas !

/joinworld os kracudos View Club


Now this club was quite a surprise. The spawn is a living harbor, with ships, bars, shops and fun. Above the harbour is a big town, with statues, houses and a cute (dark) cathedral. 

bishokukai (PC) Club: 1326 (#150)

Beta Club created to gather as many friends as possible within the trove, and together turn the game into a better place.

/joinworld bishokukai View Club

Now its time to spend this day, waiting on the mailman (they are shipping the bags with love-letters to you later), waiting for the patch to finish or spend it with your love, friends or favorite game. Next week we will focus on builds made with greys.

Totally Random club

Varros (PC) Club: 7150 (#24)

No club description has been entered.

/joinworld varros View Club


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