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Modders Interview (Blackie Maiden / KawaiiCaretaker) News

Posted February 4, 2017 by Digiwolf (PC) and viewed 740 times.

In this spotlight we chat with Trove Modder - Blackie Maiden / KawaiiCaretaker about her approach to modding.

What can you tell us about yourself ?

I'm KawaiiCaretaker (aka Blackie-Maiden).
Most of people know me as an artist with varied art styles and still searching the new one.
I'm good at drawing . . . but I'm bad at foreign languages, very bad! xD

Where does you name come from ?

Inspired by game character . . .
Well, I wanted to use another name but it's a cute one so I took it untill now.

Outside of Trove, do you have any other experience with modding or art?

I spend my times on drawing by starring at my screen like 3/4 time per day.
Usually do some requests and commisions to practice my skills for my work in the near future too.

What inspired you to start modding ?

Hmm . . . I just want to make my own mount and ride it, nothing else

Which modders work inspires you the most ?

I don't have special modder in my mind, but every creation I've seen insipired me.
Different modders, Different styles. <3


Current Modding

What mods have you made so far?

Very first mod I have made is Griffon named 'Alberia, the Enchanted Nature'
and then I found that I love modding Griffons . . . that's it q:

What is the most popular mod you have made ?

Obscurius, the Shadow Lurker.
Don't know how this guy popular . . . but yeah, he's a good one so far.

What are you most proud of making ?

Blizzy, the Winter Wanderer (Frostgale the Fierce)
This Griffon made me know things and my mod style,
Spent a lot of time to make her #Perfect and yeah, It's really perfect.

What do you use for the design process or what steps to make a mod ?

Staring with concept art, It's very helpful when I have to do any mod projects.
Having a plan in mind is good, but draw them out is better anyways.

What tools do you use to make mods and why?

Magica Voxel
Small size program, A lot of features and tools, Free camera angle and pallete, PALLETE! D:

How long did it take you to learn the program you use ?

1 day

What is the most challenging thing about making mods for you?


Future modding

What advice can you give to new people wanting to mod ?

As an artist, the easiest to help newbie modders is sharing some ideas. I have tons of 'em!

How do you see the modding community right now ?

What a friendly community we have here . . . yeah, that's it.
I love seeing new people join the modding. New mods, New styles and everyday new inspirations.

What would you change in the modding community if you could ?

Nothing much, Just keep cheering up people to be brave and can do what they want do.

Have you had any experience uploading your mods to steam workshop, and what do you think of the process ?

I'm very new to Steam, So workshop is a hard thing to understand for me until now.
I always afraid of any problems about my files after uploading done . . . but that's not a big deal q:

What has your experience been using the new tmod format over the old one ?

When I do my .tmod, every step must be checked all over again like 4-5 times
to make sure that I didn't put the wrong files in (Trove Tool User xD)

What improvements could be made by developers, or mod distributors (trovesaurus/steam) ?

Some ideas are great and would love to see in game, Just hope they will make it happen!


Other than the mods you've created, can you list a few of your favourite mods?

I love food! . . . Food-themed mods!
Sammich, Wolf of the Sugar Plains, Sweet Sally, Candorian theme and anything based off foods or dessert.
(I wish Trove will have some bun mounts in the future ' >')


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