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Valentines Contests News

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Posted February 1, 2017 by Etaew (PC) and viewed 3,554 times.

During February we're hosting several contests for the Valentines theme. Artists, Builders and Modders are invited to our party.


  1. Dates
  2. Task
  3. Rewards


  • Wednesday, February 1, 2017 to Wednesday, March 1, 2017



  • You can enter into multiple categories
  • You can enter multiple times per category
  • You can only win a category once
  • Rewards may change subject to feedback



  • Create a piece of Trove related fan art which celebrates Valentines
    • whether this is the love you share for your ally or mount, or for another Trovian
  • Upload your entries to the Trovesaurus Gallery with the tag Valentines ART Contest

All art must be your own work, we encourage you to sign your names on entries.


  • Take the best looking screenshot from Trove that you can that fits the Valentines theme
    • This could be a club world build, your character, a biome (sunset) or a cornerstone, it can even feature more than one person
    • Make the entry look as pretty as you can by hiding the UI and thinking about positioning
  • Upload your entry to the Trovesaurus Gallery with the tag Valentines SCREENSHOT Contest


  • Create a mod that celebrates Valentines
    • whether this is an ally/mount involving a heart, or a costume inspired by Heartbreaker
  • Upload your entry to the Trovesaurus Mods section and add it to the Valentines 2017 Contest mod pack
    • We judge the contest on the uploaded images alone, we don't have time to test every mod, make sure you add a good selection of images


Each category will reward at least:

  • 3 winners of 3x Reward Tokens
  • 9 winners of 1x Reward Tokens

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