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Trove Livestream Notes 13/01/2017 News

Posted January 13, 2017 by Shirokiri (PC) and viewed 315 times.

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Notes from the most recent Trove Livestream containing future updates, changes and weekly Q&A Segments.


Trove Livestream Notes13/01/2017

Welcome to the latest live stream notes thread!

Happy Friday the 13th

New animal heads to unlock via stashes
Streamer allies close to being 100% done

Extra life allies are a work in progress so they will be quite a while away. Will be a pack again just like last year but when ready it will be announced.

Trove carpets now have the glide function added to them

Next patch is a stability patch before the new features go live.
Inventory update, loot collector buyback option and lock functions.
Stellar rarity locked by default. Tower keys also.

Inventory update which now has its own dedicated tabs to each resources, meta currency and gem dust etc

Questions and Answers Session


Any ETA for second class gems or any hints as to what some might be?

Released with next big power update so will talk about them soonish

Can we get blocks that show up as invisible in arenas to prevent boundary jumping or falling?

Interesting idea, something to look into

More badge rewards seeing as consecutive days was changed and now thats too simple to get now?

Makes sense, maybe

Increase chaos chest drop rate for higher chaos factor?

No, the factor means more rolls, cant double dip and overpower the stat

Chaos factor to increase the amount of loot we get in the chests?

Again no, the rich were getting richer without putting much effort in, that's one of the reasons of the changes alongside allowing others to get easier

Can members who actually contribute towards lairs get rewards not the leechers?

Looking into a polished version of lootshare as it bothers a lot of people

Updating for fishing due to fishing speed?

Looking to add fishing speed as a stat to help improve as it takes too long

Can you please auto lock shadow 4 rings as loot collecting happens by mistake?

If you lock it, it will stay locked as long as its not deposited in another chest. The buyback option is there for that reason too

Remove the 20 mastery restriction for new players trading?

Avarem says that's interesting, maybe Twixler says it will still allow gold farmers to trade amongst themselves too easily

Can prime worlds please drop gems 100% of the time?

good point so maybe

Can we get some GUImods added on to console?

yes, something that's being looked into doing

Intro animation would love to have more cutscenes?

Definitely getting more into lore for this year,

Can you speak about that promo ship SS Festa?

They come from the Brazilian/Portugese translation promotion so are exclusive to those that assisted until released to others.

When will the fae class gem ability get renewed? ETA?

Yep, No

Mastery 500-600 date?

By the next power update at the latest?

New shadow tower bosses?


More uber levels?


More ring levels?


New stellar item levels?

Kind of

Gem stat reroll update date?

Not yet

Respawn button?

You can just type /respawn in the chat, harder to do on consoles though

Can drumsticks go back in chaos chests again?

No, it was never meant to be in, it will have a different obtain method in future

Allow EU and NA Console players be able to play together?

No, its beyond the power of the team. Never going to be a thing

Endless mode for shadow tower?

Something like that

Ice sage shield breaks after any hit, makes it feel useless, any fix?

Its on the list to be fixed, post holidays

Mount styles, so as to show off other mounts but still have the ability to fly/bomb with dragon.?

Its definately a thing, has been spoke about so something to look into

Thinking about future events, are there any plans for more holiday events like valentines or easter?

Will try to do some more big ones

Any plans for more lore based gameplay?

Lore this year for sure

When are we going to see new styles and decorations, it has been ages?

Its all on Atronos' plate, hoping to get to it soon

PC players ability to play with console players?

Has been mentioned a lot very unlikely too much clash especially with diff servers

Is there going to be a new mastery and level limit?

Yes for mastery, no for levels.

When will you balance the classes like fae?

That will come with the power update

Can we get more mounts added for super mount stash unlocker?


Can you give us a little more insight into the 1 tradeable chaos chest per week item?

It can be old holiday items or other random things

Faster splitting of stacks for controller?

Yes it is slow, its being worked on

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