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Winston Wagglesworth IV - Community Superstar Ally News

Posted January 4, 2017 by Etaew (PC) and viewed 556 times.


Hi there! I'm Fasti and I love bulldogs. In addition to bulldogs I also love giving people stuff. With that in mind, I'd like to introduce my friend, Winston Wagglesworth IV.



He's a brand new ally that gives 8 Jump because bulldogs are famous for their jumping skills.

The reason for this post is because this ally is a little different. The only way to get this adorable little monster is by being a positive force in the Trove community. 2017 is a brand new year and it's shaping up to be a great one for Trovians everywhere!

"Positive" does not mean that you only post happy thoughts. "Positive" means that what you post is framed in such a way as to make positive change within the game or the community.

  • If you reply to posts from new players with helpful info and resources you might find a Winston coming at you.
  • Think we made a mistake? What is the mistake? What is the better path? How many caps are in your post? Is it all the caps?
  • Be constructive in your feedback of the game.
  • Like a player's idea? Say so!

Be awesome and it will be noticed. We're not giving out Winston for every nice comment, but if we see a pattern that demonstrates that you want to make the community a better place we'll hook you up. We'll add the ally directly to your account so be sure you're posting from your primary account unless you want to end up very, very sad.

If you play on a console be sure to link your Trion account with your console so we can add the ally for you. If you're not linked you won't be able to receive the ally.

An important caveat, because who doesn't like caveats? You can't ask for one. Ask and ye shall not receive.

Thanks to everyone who is here reading up on current issues, posting suggestions, and calling out bugs like a boss!

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