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Arenas and Minigames Promotion News

Posted January 2, 2017 by Etaew (PC) and viewed 1,262 times.

This month we are cataloging clubs arenas and minigames. This is a promotion available to club officers only, due to the ability to edit club information on Trovesaurus. However the officers themselves can determine how to distribute the rewards if they win since they are in code form.


As a club officer, with permissions to manage your club on the Trovesaurus website:

  • Add Arenas built in your club world from your club page Builds -> Add Build option
  • Add Minigames built in your world from your club page Builds -> Add Build option

Note: If you are an officer in your club, and don't currently have permission to manage the listing of the club on the Trovesaurus website, send Etaew (PC) a private message, with an image showing your character name, club name and rank.

Note: You must also add information to your build so that we can find it, if we cannot find it, or the build is not in the clubs registered world, the entry will be removed.


  • Sunday, January 1, 2017 to Wednesday, February 1, 2017


  • At least 15 winners, selected from the users who have submitted builds to their club page will be chosen at random will receive 3x Reward Tokens (enough for a standard pack)

Note: Additional rewards may be granted if any of the submitted builds stand out enough to the Trovesaurus team.

Note: Winners will be notified through Trovesaurus Mail, and rewards are claimed through the Trovesaurus Rewards system in the form of a code to apply on the Trion account center.


  1. lllHISPANIAlll
  2. Ramses Castle
  3. Maou
  4. Tower Defenders
  5. Eternal Skyguards
  6. Hadori Sucks
  7. The Shoe Eaters
  8. NerdRage
  9. Players Contest World
  10. Trovesaurus
  11. Faz Esse
  12. LxZero
  13. The Cloud Citadel
  14. The High Council
  15. Cupcakes Unite

How to add an Arena or Minigame

From the Clubs page, check that you are set as a Leader or Officer of the club.

Visit your club from the links on the right


From the club navigation at the top, click Builds

From the Club Builds section, click Add Build, and enter the name and select the type of build and press Submit

You can enter a short description, or longer text, mentioning who built it, and how to get there

You can also upload images of your build, the first image uploaded is used as the preview image

How to view submitted Arenas and Minigames

From the Clubs section you can use the new buttons on the right for Arenas and Minigames

The Arenas page looks like this

The Minigames page looks like this

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