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Console Launch Guide Contest News

Posted December 17, 2016 by Etaew (PC) and viewed 2,307 times.

To help celebrate the launch of Trove on consoles we have opened a contest to try and help the newer players. Create a guide introducing the world and mechanics of Trove or create a guide highlighting console specific features like setting up or using the controllers.


  • Create a guide using our Guides section
    • Possible topics
      • Introducing the world and mechanics of Trove, can be for any platform
        • Talk about anything progression, mounts, clubs, crafting
      • Using Trove on Consoles / getting set up / what is different / using the controller
    • Add the Tag - Console Contest
    • Make the guide visible


  • Saturday, December 17, 2016 to Saturday, January 14, 2017


Rewards may increase based on participation. Guides that aren't really guides may not be eligible.

  • 2 winners chosen by Trovesaurus will receive 3 Reward Tokens
  • 1 winner chosen at random will receive 3 Reward Tokens
  • 6 winners chosen at random will receive 1 Reward Token

Reward Tokens allow you to claim Trove related prizes from the Trovesaurus Reward system.

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