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Patch Notes - Loot Collector, Vault Clubs, Steam Workshop - October 25, 2016 News


Posted October 20, 2016 by Etaew (PC) and viewed 1,290 times.

Loot Collector
  • The revamped loot collector UI is now live!
  • It now represents all your loot collectable items at once in an easy to parse list view and has the following additional new features:
  • Lock items to prevent them from being easily loot collected.
  • Collect all button for quickly collecting all non-locked loot.
  • Buy back - up to 150 items you've collected within the last 24 hours will be available to buy back.
  • Quickly identify new styles you have yet to unlock.

Vault Clubs
  • You can now create Vault Clubs!
  • Vault Clubs have 15 more storage slots in both the normal and officer club chests, but do not have modifiable worlds. The Vault worlds have a rejuvination station, trading post, loot collector, personal chest, club chest, and officer chest.
  • Club Cards are no longer tradable.
  • Club Cards are now more expensive to craft.

Steam Workshop
French and German Languages
  • French and German are no longer considered in Beta!
  • Trove will now display in the language you've selected for Glyph if it is one of these languages.
  • Users who have selected French or German for their language in Trove are now placed in separate French and German instances of Global Chat.

Animal Helms!
  • Omni unlockers are now known as 'Stashes'.
  • There are now stash exclusive animal helm styles in their own style category. Super Style Stashes will unlock these randomly!
  • Twixler made all these so make sure to let her know how much you like them if you see her.

Shadow’s Eve
  • Oct 28 is going to be especially spooky! Log in to receive a Ninth Life booster, 25 Shadow's Eve Daily Reward Chests, and double XP all day. Are you seeing what I'm seeing? You must be extra superstitious...
  • Pumpkin harvesting dungeons now rarely appear in the Cursed Vale to supplement your Pumpkin income!

  • Inora, Flame of Enlightenment, is now live! Designed by GYNLBart.
  • Acquire the egg for Inora from the Merchant of Wonders.

  • The Dragon Horde pack is now live! Pick up this pack for a tradable version of Inora, 33 greater dragon caches, 333 dragon coins, and 3 diamond dragonite pouches.
  • The Essentials Pack is a bit more Gem-tastic! Instead of 20,000 Cubits, this pack now grants 50 Gem Booster Boxes, a slight increase in value.

  • You can now interact with objects without directly targeting them. When you get near an interactable object, its tooltip appears and you can press E to interact with it. Don't worry - you can still target objects directly, too.
  • Players and NPCs no longer block your interactions when they are standing between you and the object you are trying to interact with.
  • Tooltips for interactable objects no longer appear when you are outside of interaction range.

Battle Arenas
  • Battle Arena quick matches now grant class experience upon completion.
  • Quick matches and club matches now award star bar points upon completion.

Community Content
  • The new Bonecutter X-2 mount by Spree and Stealth545 will soon be available!

Additional Updates and Fixes
  • We've smoothed the experience curve to level 30 and reduced the amount of experience required from level 20-30.
  • World tooltips now appear more quickly.
  • Renamed the style vault categories: Hat Style Vault, Mask Style Vault, etc to simply "Vault". These strings are only used in Collections (when you have already selected Hats, Faces, etc) and in the redesigned Loot Collector.
  • Non-tradable patron coins and Daily Reward Chests are no longer loot collectable.
  • Disabled loading into museum worlds.
  • Radiant Auras no longer disappear when viewed from any angle.
  • Fixed bug where you couldn't invite non-friends to join you in a world.
  • The level up text for the Chloromancer when reaching level 3 has been fixed.
  • Fixed underflow bug in club UI.
  • Fixed bug where contest reward progress meter didn't show in Leaderboard UI.
  • Fixed a bug which could cause the intro video to play at the wrong resolution.
  • Fixed z-fighting issue with rendering transparent blocks underwater.
  • Fixed bug where progress could be made toward event objectives before they were active.
  • Added a client tool, Trove.exe -tool extractmod to extract the contents of a tmod file to the local filesystem
  • Added -override option to Trove.exe -tool extractmod that ensures all files in the ouput are within "override" folders.
  • Added an option to output a yaml file that can be used to rebuild a .tmod file to Trove.exe -tool extractmod

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