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Posted September 25, 2016 by Digiwolf (PC) and viewed 10,972 times.

The Trove team have accepted my Candy Llama Mod for inclusion into the game, to celebrate I'm hosting a contest supported by Trovesaurus to give you guys a chance at getting one. You can enter this contest with Fan Art, or a Story.

Contest 1 : Fan Art! - STILL OPEN

Fashion up a sweet scene and show off you artistic sheen.


  • For this contest, all you have to do is submit a piece of your own fanart of the Candy Llama.
  • Upload it to the Trovesaurus Gallery with the tag Candy Llama Contest


  • We've even included a piece of fanart by Quinnce for you draw inspiration from.
  • It's based on cookies and ice cream to give you a rocky-road idea of what it looks like!

Contest 2 : Short Story Time! - NOW CLOSED

This contest is for those that get their creativity from other places.


  • Imagine up a short story for our Candy Llama, it can be based around Candoria for ideas to work with. Doesn't need to have an ending, cliffhangers are always nice. Make it short and sweet!
  • Post the story in the comments of this article


  • 250 word limit You can go over it, but your entry will be judged up to that limit



  • The contest will last until the date Sweet Sally* is confirmed to go in game.
  • Submissions will close once the candy llama is given a data of release on the livestream at 22:00 GMT and results will be posted on day the candy llama is released at 16:00 GMT (to give me time to judge)

* Sweet Sally is the current name of the mount however this is subject to change


Each contest will have 3 winners.

  • 1st Place: Sweet Sally code and Trove Pack
  • 2nd/3rd Place: Sweet Sally code

All contest entries and prizes awarded will be judged and handed out by Trovesaurus.


  • You can enter both Art and Story contests, but you can only win once
  • You are limited to one entry per contest
  • All work must be your own
  • Do not post content that is NSFW


Candy Llama Contest

Ylva (PC)

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Cannibelle (PC)

#Candy Llama Contest,

Quinnce (PC)

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#Candy Llama Contest,

xXDonDonXx (PC)

#Candy Llama Contest,

GaruRawr (PC)

#Candy Llama Contest,

Gneng2x (PC)

#Candy Llama Contest,

sirmccree (PC)

#Candy Llama Contest,


#Candy Llama Contest,

Keshavi (PC)

#Candy Llama Contest,


#Candy Llama Contest,


#Candy Llama Contest,

Zalikas (PC)

#Candy Llama Contest,

FlooFlop (PC)

#Candy Llama Contest,


#Candy Llama Contest,


#Candy Llama Contest,


#Candy Llama Contest,

FiannaTiger (PC)

#Candy Llama Contest,#Llamafest,


#Candy Llama Contest,

5w0rd (PC)

#Candy Llama Contest,

12_666 (PC)

#Candy Llama Contest,

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