Friday Trove Livestream! 12:30 PM PDT (7:30 PM GMT) July 8, 2016 News

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Join us this Friday as we livestream on the Trion Worlds Twitch channel! This week Avarem is back from his whirlwind adventures and we’re going to show off some of our special plans for our first anniversary! It’s Trove’s birthday, and the party starts on July 12th!

Make sure to stay until the end for a chance to win awesome prizes like a Trove Carpet, a Chaos Coin, a legendary dragon, and more! What is more, you ask? How about 1 year of Patron status? That’s right: one lucky viewer will receive a code for 1 year of Trove Patron!

Winners of giveaways will be notified via direct message on Twitch by the end of the day (Pacific time) on Friday. Be sure to check the Other inbox in Twitch as our messages are often sent there.

Ask questions of the dev team via Twitter with #AskTrove or on our forums.

Trove Livestream
Twitch Channel:
Start Time: Friday, July 8th at 12:30 PM PDT / 7:30 PM GMT
Duration: 45 minutes

We’ll see you there!

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