thanks Plexceph (PC)

Chaos Coin unlocker

Increases your Chaos Factor by one

This item cannot be traded


Imported in Patch: Everything Edition

Designed by: Trove Team

Blueprint: item_coin_chaos_notrade.blueprint


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5 most recent dev posts that mention "Chaos Coin"

Race to the Top - Trove Stats Ranking

Posted 2 years ago (June 16, 2015, 4:40 am) on Trove Forums

Hey all. Congrats to the winners! I'm going to keep the prizes simple: 1 Chaos Coin to everyone in the top 5. +1 if you're in first place. As per the original post I'm also only giving 1...

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Discussion with the devs: Chaos Coin for Credits

Posted 2 years ago (April 6, 2015, 7:02 pm) on Trove Forums

Hey all,

While we can't stop by and discuss every change we're planning on making with you guys, I do like to from time to time open up a conversation about something we're thinking about doing.

We had a thread before Chaos Factor went live about adding a non-tradable chaos coin to the store for credits. Now that Chaos Factor has been live I want to bring this up again.

The idea here is that you can make a bet: if you want to drop some credits on a purchase now of a coin and stick around longer than it takes to 'pay off' then you're getting a discount, potentially a deep one, on chaos chests.

The argument against that I've heard has been that we're 'giving away' too many game resources for cheap or that we're trying to make a quick buck. However, I think that since the chests are entering the economy over a longer period of time it balances out, and it strikes me as a fun way to let people who want to commit to the game do so.

What do you guys think? Is there interest in this? If we do it - what should we cost it at to make it compelling but also balanced?

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Discussion with the devs: Chaos Coin for Credits

Posted 2 years ago (April 6, 2015, 7:31 pm) on Trove Forums

Quote Originally Posted by Mitzarin View Post
The only thing I am worried about is this; I can buy 1K into the game, and spend all of that on the coins and get 11 chaos factor...

It's hard to balance the 1K free coin vs. the input of cash into it though. The numbers... I don't know how many people would realistically pay 100$ for one gamble box a day forever though.
The thought crossed my mind on this too, but then I considered how many immediate chests that would be equivalent to (and again, we have so many players and relatively few go in even for the chests) that the impact in either case is relatively minor from the wider view.

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Discussion with the devs: Chaos Coin for Credits

Posted 2 years ago (April 7, 2015, 7:28 pm) on Trove Forums

To weigh in again, I definitely think the most compelling idea to come out of this is the idea of a bundle that includes a coin and a few other one-time unlocks. We could price this at a premium...

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Extra Life 2016 Details & Rewards – Prepare for the 5th of November!

Posted 8 months ago (November 1, 2016, 6:11 am) on Trove Forums

Hello, Trion Gamers!

Join us on November 5th at 9am PT for a 24 hour stream, featuring all Trion games! You can support us by joining us on Trion Team to help our fundraising! Friends and familycan sponsor your day of marathon gaming, and any money you raise goes to the Children's Miracle Network hospital of YOUR choosing.

Of course, no good deed goes unrewarded: checkout our Extra Life page to see a list of goodies you can get for your hard work, also featured below!

Extra Life 2016 Rewards

$25 in Fundraising:

RIFT: Dimension Items: Banners (x2, new!), Minion Card: Sera (new!)
Trove: Arcade Helm
Devilian: Charitable Devil Title (new!)
Atlas Reactor: Extra Life Banner (new!)
ArcheAge: Loyalty Tokens x30
Defiance: A Dodge Challenger RT Sublime Pearl Coat Black Stripe vehicle

$75 in Fundraising:

RIFT: Companion Pet: Sera (new!), Dimension Item: halo (new!)
Trove: Extra Life Pack
Atlas Reactor: Emblem (new!)
ArcheAge: Legacy Hero Costume

$150 in Fundraising:

RIFT: Cape, Portrait Badge (new!)
Trove: A Chaos Coin & Essentials Pack
Devilian: Soldier's Fortune Pack Fortune
Atlas Reactor: 25 Loot Matrices, 40 GG Boosts
ArcheAge: Archeum Pack
Defiance: T.I.T.A.N. Augment Bundle

$500 in Fundraising:

RIFT: Two Starfall Prophecy Deluxe packs OR 1 Year of Patron Time
ArcheAge: Housing items: Hot Tub, Fishing Pond
Trove: 25,000 Credits
Devilian: Devilian Complete Pack
Defiance: Obliterator T.I.T.A.N. Bundle

1 hour played of the listed game:

RIFT: Title: The Angelic(new!)
Devilian: Halo (new!)
Atlas Reactor: Title: Unyielding(new!)

24 hours of played Trion games, combined:

RIFT: Title: The Charitable
Defiance: Title: The Charitable

Don't miss out: the count for these played time rewards starts at 9am PT on 11/5 and ends at 9am PT on 11/7!

Extra Goodness

Like years past, if you donate via the Extra Life page of game designer Kumar 'Atronos' Daryanan you can help design items that will be added to Trove! Check out his page for the details.

Of course, we've always got more up our sleeves, waiting to be seen. We hope to see you on November 5th!

The Trion Extra Lifers

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