Lapis Luckbug gem

Gem Level Up Booster. This lucky charm prevents Cracking and gives 3X Level Up chance and 5X Double Level Up chance!

This item cannot be traded


Imported in Patch: Faster Fish and Double Dragon

Designed by: Trove Team

Blueprint: item_gem_booster_04.blueprint


Crafted By

Used as Ingredient

This item is used as an ingredient in recipes to make the following items:

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[Avarem] - Patch - Mantle of Power Expansion Launch Edition - 4/26/2016

Posted 2 years ago (April 25, 2016, 11:26 pm) on Trove Forums

Welcome to the Mantle of Power!

[EDIT: Added 3 previously missed patch notes under the Class Adjustments section!]

Added Weekly Contest Leaderboards!
  • Get SOME AMAZING STUFF by competing in a weekly contest with your fellow Trovians! Contests can be found in the leaderboard UI. Class contests and stats-based contests will rotate weekly. We will be tuning rank levels and rewards over the coming weeks, so please offer additional feedback.
  • This amazing stuff includes both the Light and Dark Pegasus mounts. Be a winner and show off your wings while mounted.
  • The best rewards are given for being at the top of the leaderboard, but some rewards are given for passing a score amount, so even if you're not the best around, you can still score some sweet loot!

Important Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to get in a state where attacks would not land.
  • Re-added mastery points for level 20 (previously there was a mastery reward for having reached "max level," which resulted in many players losing mastery rank when Mantle of Power Head Start went live on Tuesday).
  • Added additional mastery points for level 30.

Gem System Tuning
  • Over the next few weeks we will be making adjustments to the gem system. If it impacts previous actions taken in meaningful ways we will compensate to the best of our ability. Compensation will happen in the days following the patch.
  • In this case we will be giving out Lapis Luckbugs in accordance with the number of Diamond Dice, Lapis Luckbug, and Glimmering Horseshoes used. In addition some will be added for each Booster Box opened before the patch and each Booster Box opened before last week's karma hotfix.
  • Diamond Dice is no longer a booster, in packs these have been changed to the Lapis Luckbug and any existing Dice will loot collect in to a Luckbug.
  • The Luckbug has been buffed to grant 3X success and 5X double success.
  • The Glittering Horseshoe has been buffed to grant 1.5X success rate
  • A new booster now exists, the Ninth Life, which grants 40X success rate and 10X double success rate - you can find it in the store, as a contest reward, and very rarely out of Booster Boxes. These will also be available as other limited time rewards in the future.
  • Free deal rotations now give one of 3 gem dust boxes, which can give between 300 and 9999 dust of the appropriate type. These will show up more often than the Booster Box did.
  • The Gem Booster Box now gives more dust, but fewer boosters. It can now very rarely drop 1 Ninth Life Booster or 5 Empowered Gem Boxes.

Store Changes
  • Chaos Chest loot has been swapped out. This weeks top loot is the Elder Boot mount! This mount has sole! Get it? It's a boot!
  • There is now an Empowered Gem Box Legendary Tome in the store. Get it and use it once a week for an additional Empowered Gem Box.
  • All Mantle of Power Expansion Packs now unlock this tome. This will be granted retroactively after this patch goes live. It will take at least a few hours, so please bear with us.
  • Jade Clover now costs 5 Credits and can only be purchased with Credits.
  • Glittering Horseshoe now costs 25 Credits.

Class Adjustments
  • Boomeranger - Due to an error in calculation during our class adjustments Boomeranger Melee was increased further than intended. The intent was to have melee and ranged be similar damage. The actual result is that melee damage was far out stripping ranged damage. In order to address this we have increased the damage co-efficient on Boomeranger ranged attacks to 1.4 and decreased the co-efficient on Boomeranger melee attacks to 1.7. Boomeranger melee attacks are still extremely valuable even after this adjustment, and playing a ranged Boomeranger should be much more competitive.
  • Fixed an issue where the gem version of charged shots direct damage component was not using the proper charged shot coefficient of 4.
  • Gun Slinger Class Gem - Updated the duration to properly match the 10 second duration of the ult. Modified the attack speed modification from multiply by 0.5 to multiply by 0.75.
  • NEW Dracolyte - Burning Ward minions now spawn more often, receive less damage from enemies, and have a longer baseline duration.
  • NEW Ice Sage - Pain Freeze slow duration increased from 3 seconds to 4.
  • NEW Tomb Raiser - Beckon Banshee now has the same cooldown as Banshee's Boon.

Misc Changes/Fixes
  • Changed world entry so that now the required Power Rank listed on portals is also the required Power Rank to enter that world through any means (/joinworld, /joinme, friends list, club list, etc.). We are making this change to make access to new world types more special, and to help reinforce the value of earning access.
  • Fixed a bug where the Shadow Hunter's gem ability would sometimes stop firing until you used another ability.
  • Fixed bug where Shadow Hunter's Shadow Blitz did massive block damage
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the club invite dialog would steal keyboard input even after it had been dismissed.
  • Fixed orientation of the Sparkle Sprinkle pistol style.
  • Spruced up the Challenge / Quest / Objective UI a bit.
  • Tombstones can no longer fall asleep. Good luck RIPing.
  • Fixed bug where minions spawned by the Vial of Minion Multiplication attacked friendlies but did no damage. They now only attack enemies.
  • Fixed a semi-common client crash (related to VFX).
  • Fixed a bug where mounting after using /pose was weird and broken.
  • Fixed bug where scores were not removed from lower difficulty Shadow Tower leaderboards after completing a higher difficulty.

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[Avarem] - Patch Notes - Shadow's Eve, Mods, and Dragonite - Oct 11, 2016

Posted 1 year ago (October 10, 2016, 7:40 pm) on Trove Forums

Shadow's Eve is Back and Even Better!
  • Pumpkin Dungeons are sprouting in all biomes! Find a giant Jack-O-Lantern and defeat these spooky intruders for candy corn.
  • The Hub is all Shadow’s Eve themed, and includes the Shadowy Station (inside a big pumpkin) where candy corn can be used.
  • You can craft and grow pumpkins once more!
  • The Spookytime Mystery Box is now available at the Shadowy Station. It contains seasonally haunting recipes and the new Hyperactive Haunt and Bouncy Black Bat mounts.
  • The Sugar Crasher and Spirited Broomstick are added to the Shadowy Station as craftable, tradeable mounts.
  • Log in every day for a Shadow’s Eve Daily Reward Chest. This replaces the Daily Reward Chest for the duration of the Shadow’s Eve event, but fear not, you have the same chances of getting rare drops as ever. As an uncommon drop, you may receive Pennry's Phantataur mount!
  • The Phantataur is also available for credits during the event (although honestly, log in every day and you'll almost certainly get one), as is the returning Caskart Mag Rider.
  • Craft the Drak-O-Lantern Dragon Egg or pick it up in the new pack!
  • Some new event objectives are now live! Once you complete the Diamond Dragonite objective these will appear (or once that one expires next week). Complete them all to earn 10 Lapis Luckbugs, 3 Empowered Gem Boxes, and the unique Bitten Kitten mount!
  • Spooky things are afoot. And afloat. Do you see ghosts? How suspicious.
  • This event will run through the end of October and culminate with a special bonus Ninth Life just for logging in on October 28th!

Easy to Use Modding
  • It's now easier than ever to use community created mods to enhance your game!
  • Simply place '.tmod' files into the new 'mods' folder in your Trove installation directory to mod your game.
  • Enable and disable your added mods via the ESC menu in-game.
  • Want to make a mod? Check out this great guide:

Diamond Dragonite
  • You can now craft a Diamond Dragon Egg at the Dragon Crucible using Diamond Dragonite!
  • Diamond Dragonite can be obtained via the new daily contest for total power rank, events, and also a very very rare tradable world drop 'Diamond Dragonite Pouch'.
  • For this week only there is a new limited time objective. Complete 25 challenges (each stage counts for 1) and earn 50 extra Diamond Dragonite!

  • There is a new one time purchasable Dragonite Megapack on the store - this is a great deal for gem boxes and then we threw in 100 Diamond Dragonite straight up on top of that just because.
  • There is now an option to purchase 33 Greater Dragon Caches at once with a bonus Diamond Dragonite Pouch.
  • The Spooky Swag Bag has arrived to set the tone for Halloween! This collection of one Drak-O-Lantern Dragon Egg (which hatches into the very scary Drak-O-Lantern dragon mount), five other great mounts (including Alduir, Autumn's Retreat from Fizzinc ), and four community created costumes:
  • Screamheart's Trovian Defender
  • Zoe's Mermaid
  • LippyLapras's Treasure Trovian
  • FriedSushi's S'more Sweetness

Community Created Content
  • New Jurassic Jungle Lair from Chronozilla! (Note added 1:30 PM PDT 10/11/2016)
  • New Jurassic Jungle Dungeon from Evilagician!
  • New Shadow's Eve Jurassic Jungle Lair from stedms!
  • New Jurassic Jungle Dungeon from Screamheart!
  • New Candoria Dungeon from Aveon0!
  • New Jurassic Jungle Dungeon from Dark_Style_NL!
  • Chaos Chest loot coming throughout the Shadow's Eve event: HotShotChicago's Slightly Singed Skitterer, HotShotChicago's Accursed Arachnid, and Ainogommon's Neverending Necrowmancer

Additional Updates
  • The clocktower in the City of Bones shadow dungeon has been updated to make travel and NPC spawning less of a pain.
  • Challenges and Objectives now show the name of the reward being earned.
  • Rally Blade is now more likely to match you with adventuring players (and ignoring AFK ones)
  • The charge up attack used by the tribal humanoids in the Jurassic Jungle should now hit for much less.
  • Pegasus Wings are now less transparent.
  • The welcome screen no longer displays your chaos factor. Check your character stats if you need to know!
  • Starter classes are now limited to only the 8 most accessible classes. Class coins and other methods of acquiring classes work as normal.

Bug Fixes
  • Kicking from club worlds should work correctly again, again.
  • A relatively common crash involving using the mining laser has been fixed.
  • Fix Mac client being unable to play intro movies with multithreading enabled.
  • '/zonerestrict' should now work correctly
  • Stellar Aura VFX now disappear when you die instead of floating around your tombstone.
  • Fixed projectile targeting in PVP
  • Iguana, and Sarcosuchus NPCs should now drop the correct trophies
  • Fixed bug where shift+mousewheel didn't rotate blocks while in build mode

Patch Notes Updated: Added new lair by Chronozilla.

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[Mr. E] - Mantle of Power Booster & Lapis Luckbug Grants - June 3rd

Posted 1 year ago (June 3, 2016, 7:11 pm) on Trove Forums

Quote Originally Posted by Turntablist View Post
My characters TurntablistOne, TurntablistTwo & TurntablistThree however are still waiting for their 1 empowered gem box compensation from opening the gem booster boxes prior to karma being added..
Turns out I misspoke when I stated everything had been completed! Should all be completed in the next 40ish mins

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[Mr. E] - Mantle of Power Booster & Lapis Luckbug Grants - June 3rd

Posted 1 year ago (June 3, 2016, 4:30 pm) on Trove Forums

After the launch of Mantle of Power, we made a few changes to Gem Boosters and added Karma to the Gem Booster Box. Because of these changes, we granted items to players who consumed large numbers of the Boosters or opened a large number of Booster Boxes prior to their improvements.

For players who opened 70+ Gem Booster Boxes between Apr 19th 14:00 UTC and Apr 21 02:00 UTC, we granted one Empowered Gem Box (the Karma reward) for every 70 boxes opened (with some rounding). These boxes were given out to players on Apr 29th.

For players who opened Gem Booster Boxes or who used Glimmering Horseshoes, Diamond Dice, or Lapis Luckbugs between Apr 19th 14:00 UTC and Apr 26 14:00 UTC, we granted a varying amount of Lapis Luckbugs, proportional to the boxes opened and boosters used. These Luckbugs were given out on April 27th, and on May 3rd.

Unfortunately, we've recently discovered that one of our logging aggregators had a bug which caused us to miss a small number of players when granting these items. While this issue has been fixed, it impacted the original list of players selected to receive these Empowered Gem Boxes and Lapis Luckbugs. We have since re-checked the logs and come up with a list of players who were either under-rewarded, or perhaps not rewarded at all, but should have been. We will be granting these players their missing items later today. [EDIT: As of approx 1:40 PM Pacific Time these should all be completed]

If these grants are applied to your account, they will automatically go into your inventory, but you will also see them in your claims window as long as you have not logged off since receiving them. In the claims window they will state "Purchased from the store."

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[Mr. E] - Patch - Prehistoric Preview - August 30, 2016

Posted 1 year ago (August 29, 2016, 4:43 pm) on Trove Forums

Prehistoric Pack!
The Dino Tamer early access has arrived! Get your hands on this class before everyone else, exclusively available through the Prehistoric Pack!

The Prehistoric Pack contains:
  • The Dino Tamer Class
  • Jurassic Jungler and Road Wrangler costumes
  • Laseratops Mount!
  • Two Club World Terraformers for the Jurassic Jungle Biome
  • 3 Class Gem Keys

Weekly Events
  • Event: Double Battle Experience for wins in the Battle Arena!
  • Chaos Chest contents have been shuffled! This week's hot loot? Hairy Llary! A friendly, stylish Llama!

Additional Updates
  • Increased the amount of Lapis Luckbugs that can come from daily chests and gem booster boxes.
  • Non-tradable class coins can now be Loot Collected to turn them into experience coins worth the first 20 levels of xp! Also for a limited time they will also turn into a 3 day patron pass!
  • Experience Earned contest leaderboard now tracks only XP earned during the contest week instead of all-time XP. This will restart the leaderboard and any progress made on Monday of this week will not be counted.
  • Fixed bug where muzzle flash VFX didn't appear when firing mount cannons
  • Fixed bug where some mount cannons didn't play sounds when firing
  • Fixed a bug where the initial rotation of projectiles was slightly inaccurate.

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