Jade Clover Items (Crafting)

Gem Level Up Booster. This lucky charm prevents Cracking!

This item cannot be traded


Imported in Patch: Faster Fish and Double Dragon

Designed by: Trove Team

Blueprint: item_gem_booster_02.blueprint


Used as Ingredient

This item is used as an ingredient in recipes to make the following items:

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[Avarem] - Patch - Mantle of Power Expansion Launch Edition - 4/26/2016

Posted 2 years ago (April 25, 2016, 11:26 pm) on Trove Forums

Welcome to the Mantle of Power!

[EDIT: Added 3 previously missed patch notes under the Class Adjustments section!]

Added Weekly Contest Leaderboards!
  • Get SOME AMAZING STUFF by competing in a weekly contest with your fellow Trovians! Contests can be found in the leaderboard UI. Class contests and stats-based contests will rotate weekly. We will be tuning rank levels and rewards over the coming weeks, so please offer additional feedback.
  • This amazing stuff includes both the Light and Dark Pegasus mounts. Be a winner and show off your wings while mounted.
  • The best rewards are given for being at the top of the leaderboard, but some rewards are given for passing a score amount, so even if you're not the best around, you can still score some sweet loot!

Important Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to get in a state where attacks would not land.
  • Re-added mastery points for level 20 (previously there was a mastery reward for having reached "max level," which resulted in many players losing mastery rank when Mantle of Power Head Start went live on Tuesday).
  • Added additional mastery points for level 30.

Gem System Tuning
  • Over the next few weeks we will be making adjustments to the gem system. If it impacts previous actions taken in meaningful ways we will compensate to the best of our ability. Compensation will happen in the days following the patch.
  • In this case we will be giving out Lapis Luckbugs in accordance with the number of Diamond Dice, Lapis Luckbug, and Glimmering Horseshoes used. In addition some will be added for each Booster Box opened before the patch and each Booster Box opened before last week's karma hotfix.
  • Diamond Dice is no longer a booster, in packs these have been changed to the Lapis Luckbug and any existing Dice will loot collect in to a Luckbug.
  • The Luckbug has been buffed to grant 3X success and 5X double success.
  • The Glittering Horseshoe has been buffed to grant 1.5X success rate
  • A new booster now exists, the Ninth Life, which grants 40X success rate and 10X double success rate - you can find it in the store, as a contest reward, and very rarely out of Booster Boxes. These will also be available as other limited time rewards in the future.
  • Free deal rotations now give one of 3 gem dust boxes, which can give between 300 and 9999 dust of the appropriate type. These will show up more often than the Booster Box did.
  • The Gem Booster Box now gives more dust, but fewer boosters. It can now very rarely drop 1 Ninth Life Booster or 5 Empowered Gem Boxes.

Store Changes
  • Chaos Chest loot has been swapped out. This weeks top loot is the Elder Boot mount! This mount has sole! Get it? It's a boot!
  • There is now an Empowered Gem Box Legendary Tome in the store. Get it and use it once a week for an additional Empowered Gem Box.
  • All Mantle of Power Expansion Packs now unlock this tome. This will be granted retroactively after this patch goes live. It will take at least a few hours, so please bear with us.
  • Jade Clover now costs 5 Credits and can only be purchased with Credits.
  • Glittering Horseshoe now costs 25 Credits.

Class Adjustments
  • Boomeranger - Due to an error in calculation during our class adjustments Boomeranger Melee was increased further than intended. The intent was to have melee and ranged be similar damage. The actual result is that melee damage was far out stripping ranged damage. In order to address this we have increased the damage co-efficient on Boomeranger ranged attacks to 1.4 and decreased the co-efficient on Boomeranger melee attacks to 1.7. Boomeranger melee attacks are still extremely valuable even after this adjustment, and playing a ranged Boomeranger should be much more competitive.
  • Fixed an issue where the gem version of charged shots direct damage component was not using the proper charged shot coefficient of 4.
  • Gun Slinger Class Gem - Updated the duration to properly match the 10 second duration of the ult. Modified the attack speed modification from multiply by 0.5 to multiply by 0.75.
  • NEW Dracolyte - Burning Ward minions now spawn more often, receive less damage from enemies, and have a longer baseline duration.
  • NEW Ice Sage - Pain Freeze slow duration increased from 3 seconds to 4.
  • NEW Tomb Raiser - Beckon Banshee now has the same cooldown as Banshee's Boon.

Misc Changes/Fixes
  • Changed world entry so that now the required Power Rank listed on portals is also the required Power Rank to enter that world through any means (/joinworld, /joinme, friends list, club list, etc.). We are making this change to make access to new world types more special, and to help reinforce the value of earning access.
  • Fixed a bug where the Shadow Hunter's gem ability would sometimes stop firing until you used another ability.
  • Fixed bug where Shadow Hunter's Shadow Blitz did massive block damage
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the club invite dialog would steal keyboard input even after it had been dismissed.
  • Fixed orientation of the Sparkle Sprinkle pistol style.
  • Spruced up the Challenge / Quest / Objective UI a bit.
  • Tombstones can no longer fall asleep. Good luck RIPing.
  • Fixed bug where minions spawned by the Vial of Minion Multiplication attacked friendlies but did no damage. They now only attack enemies.
  • Fixed a semi-common client crash (related to VFX).
  • Fixed a bug where mounting after using /pose was weird and broken.
  • Fixed bug where scores were not removed from lower difficulty Shadow Tower leaderboards after completing a higher difficulty.

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[Mr. E] - PTS Update - July 26

Posted 1 year ago (July 26, 2016, 3:00 pm) on Trove Forums

The Biggest Little Update Ever

This build has a LOT of changes-that-should-be-behind-the-scenes to support Trove on consoles, however, some of these changes ended up breaking things. Our QA team absolutely crushed what was a very broken build earlier, but there are still going to be many little changes which the developers and QA both ended up missing, or which only end up popping up in a live (or live-like) environment.

So, basically, please help us out by testing every single thing in the game (especially UI screens and functionality).

===JULY 29 - 2nd Update===
  • Fixed an issue where Class Gem Abilities were unavailable after changing classes.
  • Fixed inventory sort so that all gems are sorted together by color > rarity > power rank
  • Fixed bug where Dracolyte could get into a bad state where attacks didn't work after throwing a Burnt Offering right as his/her ultimate ended
  • Fixed bug where Lunar Lancer could get into a bad state where attacks didn't work after throwing a bomb right as his/her ultimate ended
===JULY 29===
  • Flux leaderboard is officially supported again, but it no longer increments when deconstructing megaflux. Flux counter has been reset.
  • Fixed a bug with buttons on the Barbershop.
  • Fixed a bug where stars were missing from inventory items.
  • Fixed a bug where costume images wouldn't appear in the marketplace.

===JULY 27===
  • Fixed a common crash bug!
  • Fixed an issue where wings would sometimes draw incorrectly.

===JULY 26===
  • /sortinventory - this command will automatically sort your adventure inventory!

Misc Fixes / Updates
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when taking screenshots.
  • Fixed bug where, with default bindings, zooming in and out with the mouse wheel in build mode also rotated the block being placed. Now, holding shift while moving the mouse wheel rotates the block, as intended.
  • Fixed a display issue with the stat breakdowns in the Character Sheet where Battle Banner stats were incorrectly included in the total when not in a Battle Arena, and other stats were incorrectly included when you were in a Battle Arena.
  • Fixed a non-display issue where some PvE-only stats were being applied in the Battle Arena.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause some abilities not to play a "Cooldown Up" sound.
  • Flagcapture points in pvp worlds should now rotate correctly.
  • Revenant's Spirit Spears now destroys grass and other plants.
  • Parrot in Pirate Captain - Mad Scientist skin now drops black feathers instead of red feathers.
  • Drastically reduced amount of data sent to client when adding some kinds of objects, which may reduce latency.
  • Fixed a bug where the Gunslinger's ultimate would cause the pitch on its attacks to keep going up and up and up and up...
  • Legendary Eye Encyclopedia has been renamed to prevent confusion with the regular version, and is now called Oculus Opus.
  • Legendary Tome: Big Bomb has been renamed to be more consistent with other legendary tome names, and is now called Pyrotechnics Papers.
  • Fixed a bug where $Text_Like_This could show up in the Marketplace.
  • FIxed a bug where $Text_Like_This could show up when waiting to log in during a queue.
  • Lambent the Neolord and Syluria the Enchanting have come to terms. Stat bonuses from the badges should now stack correctly.
  • Chaos chests no longer give eyes of q'thulhu as uncommon results and instead have a greater chance of pearls of wisdom.
  • Gem Booster boxes have a lower chance of granting dust and a higher chance of granting Jade Clovers.
  • Optimized stats recalculations on the server. May reduce network latency.
  • Fixed a bug where some products would show their Cubit and Credit prices out of order.
  • The Haunted Mansion in the Undead biome has been updated!

Community Content
  • New Treasure Isles dungeon from Screamheart.
  • New mask styles from Xeof, Kot_Manul, Humpypants, DecibHell, illiagorath, MonsieurZero, Asykura, B4ileys, Tomkar, GhostlyKoala, Hirakashi, Mew2ian, and Towerfall have been added to the game!

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[Mr. E] - Patch - Misc Fixes - Sept 16, 2016

Posted 1 year ago (September 15, 2016, 10:09 pm) on Trove Forums

This Friday patch will address the following issues:
  • Fixes an issue that could have prevented players from receiving the Legendary Tome: Jade Clover Journal, if you previously purchased the Essentials Pack, this should automatically unlock for you now.
  • Adds loot drops to the T-Rex

A small client update (10 MB) on Thursday, September 15th addressed a specific type of crash related to certain visual effects.

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[Fasti] - Save 50% off Mantle of Power packs!

Posted 1 year ago (October 25, 2016, 5:06 pm) on Trove Forums

The Mantle of Power Gem packs are half off all week. Pick up one of the petite-priced packs before November 1 to save a bundle!

The Mantle of Power Sampler Edition Includes:
  • Tome: Empowered Gem Box
  • 2 Empowered Gem Boxes
  • 30 Gem Booster Boxes
  • 100 Jade Clover Boosters
  • 30 Glittering Horseshoe Boosters
  • 10 Lapis Luckbug Boosters

The Mantle of Power Fanatic Edition Includes:
  • Tome: Empowered Gem Box
  • 1 Class Gem Key
  • 5 Empowered Gem Boxes
  • 80 Gem Booster Boxes
  • 250 Jade Clover Boosters
  • 100 Glittering Horseshoe Boosters
  • 50 Lapis Luckbug Boosters

The Mantle of Power Maniac Edition Includes:
  • Tome: Empowered Gem Box
  • Sun and Moon Stellar Aura
  • 2 Class Gem Keys
  • 10 Empowered Gem Boxes
  • 190 Gem Booster Boxes
  • 500 Jade Clover Boosters
  • 200 Glittering Horseshoe Boosters
  • 100 Lapis Luckbug Boosters
Don’t delay, there’s never been a better time to grab dat gem!

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[Fasti] - Eclipse Patch Notes - August 22, 2017

Posted 3 months ago (August 16, 2017, 1:04 pm) on Trove Forums

Patch Notes

Gem Stat Augment and Reroll System
  • Improve or change a stat on a gem using the new Gem Forge!
  • The recipe to craft a personal Gem Forge can be found in an Adventurer's Crafting Bench under the “Gem & Gear Improvement” section.
  • New crafting materials to support this system have also been added:
    • Bound Brilliance, which can be found in Boons or collected from events. (What’s a Boon? See the note on “Daily Reward Chests” below!)
    • Binding Darkness, which can be found in Gem Booster Boxes and Empowered Gem Boxes, or can (rarely) be dropped by mini bosses in the open world.
  • Four additional recipes have also been added to the Adventurer's Crafting Bench in the “Gems” section:
    • Builder's Rough Focus: Can be used at a Gem Forge to improve a gem’s stats. Requires 1 Bound Brilliance, 4 Hearts of Darkness, and 2,000 flux to craft.
    • Builder's Precise Focus: Can be used at a Gem Forge to improve a gem’s stats. Requires 1 Bound Brilliance, 3,000 water gem dust, 3,000 fire gem dust, 3,000 air gem dust, and 4,000 flux to craft.
    • Builder's Superior Focus: Can be used at a Gem Forge to improve a gem’s stats. Requires 1 Bound Brilliance, 30 Diamond Dragonite, 3 Titan Souls, and 150,000 flux to craft.
    • Contained Chaos Spark: Can be used to reroll any stat on a gem. (Be aware that gems can’t have both the Physical Damage and Magic Damage stats simultaneously.) Requires 3 Lunar Souls, 4 Binding Darkness, and 2,100 Eyes of Q'bthulhu to craft.
  • The Health Regeneration stat will no longer appear on newly obtained gems! Existing gems with Health Regen will continue to function and may be improved with the new system. However, if Health Regen is removed from a gem via rerolling, it can never be replaced. (The Health Regen stat on equipment remains unchanged.)
Gem Booster Boxes have been rebalanced:
  • Binding Darkness has been added to the drop table.
  • Gem dust has returned to the drop table.
  • The drop rates for Jade Clovers, Glittering Horseshoes, Golden Gem Keys have been reduced.
  • These changes were necessary to ensure the drops from Gem Booster boxes support a wider range of players.
  • Daily Reward Chests have been rebalanced and are now called Boons of a Celestial Paragon:
    • There are 12 boons in total, one for each month of the year.
    • They now have a very rare chance to drop the 18-token monthly reward.
    • Bound Brilliance has been added to the common drop table.
    • The number of Dragon Coins that drop from one roll has been increased. (MOAR RAWR!)
    • The number of Jade Clovers that drop from one roll has been decreased.
    • These changes raise the overall value of drops from daily chests. Err, Boons. They raise the value of drops from Boons. Because that’s what daily chests are called now.
  • The Book of Bound Brilliance is now available to craft at the Adventurer’s Crafting Bench! This Legendary Tome will grant 5 Bound Brilliance once a week.
  • Loot collecting leveled gems just got a whole lot better! The amount of Gem Dust obtained from deconstructing a leveled gem has been increased by up to 300% at Level 5, 700-1200% at level 10, up to 2000% at level 15, and up to 1000% at Level 20+. Transitioning from an older gem to a shiny new one will now be MUCH less expensive.

  • The new subclass system is unlocked ~automagically~ at level 10!
  • Any unlocked class can now be equipped as a subclass using the new 5th ability slot on the Character Sheet.
  • Each subclass provides a unique passive ability along with a stat boost! The effectiveness of the passive increases based on the active Power Rank of the subclass, while the stat boost improves based on the level of the subclass.
  • An active class may not be designated as its own subclass.
  • Subclasses are now also displayed on the “Select a Class” window, along with the class's level and power rank.
  • Each class gives the following bonuses when selected as a subclass:
    • Gunslinger: Provides extra jump and increases all damage done to enemies while airborne.
    • Neon Ninja: Provides extra jump and grants a chance to deal bonus damage to enemies at less than 20% health.
    • Dino Tamer: Provides extra Attack Speed and grants Critical Hits a chance to briefly root targets.
    • Lunar Lancer: Provides extra Attack Speed; during combat, grants a chance to briefly transform into a Lunar Lancer and receive some of its power.
    • Ice Sage: Provides extra Magic Damage; activates a shield that absorbs incoming damage when successfully attacking foes. The shield is equal to 5% of Max Health.
    • Dracolyte: Reduces cooldowns and grants Physical Damage a chance to set enemies on fire.
    • Knight: Provides extra flask capacity and increases movement speed while riding ground-based mounts.
    • Pirate Captain: Provides extra magic find and has a chance to drop a cannon ball from the sky when damaging enemies.
    • Chloromancer: Provides extra Maximum Health; damaging enemies grants a chance to activate thistles and reflect incoming damage.
    • Tomb Raiser: Provides extra Critical Hit and has a chance to spawn a random minion from a fallen foe. Only one minion of this type can be active at any given time.
    • Revenant: Reduces incoming damage and grants basic attacks a chance to trigger a taunt.
    • Shadow Hunter: Provides extra Magic Damage and grants magic attacks a chance to activate Searing Light, which deals damage over time.
    • Candy Barbarian: Provides extra Stability and has a chance to drop candy when damaging an enemy. The candy increases attack and either movement speed or healing.
    • Fae Trickster: Increases gliding speed and grants Critical Hits a chance to spawn bombs that damage and stun enemies.
    • Boomeranger: Increases Critical Damage and spawns a fae companion that provides healing if its master falls to low health.
  • Note that the subclass passive for the Dracolyte is designed to support players who primarily play magic damage classes and want to experiment with physical damage classes. The subclass passive for Shadowhunters is designed to do the opposite. These may be swapped if they prove too confusing.
Shadow Tower Foyer
  • Players entering the Shadow Tower via the Atlas spawn into the new Shadow Tower Foyer:
    • The foyer contains three separate platforms indicating desired difficulty level, allowing players to easily find other adventurers to partner with. The platforms may or may not also provide random pools to fish in.
    • Entering the foyer automatically adds players to the "ShadowTower" chat channel. Leaving the foyer automatically removes them.
    • Players entering the Shadow Tower via a portal now have the option of entering the tower directly or heading first to the foyer.
Shadow Hydrakken
  • The fearsome Shadow Hydrakken has awakened on the Shadow Tower’s fourth floor! This ancient, multi-headed beast spews vile acid on its foes--talk about morning breath!
  • Watch out for parasites!
  • Hisssssssssssss. Don't heck with him. 5x Wall Snek.
Darknik Dreadnought
  • The Darknik Dreadnought, Dr. Darknik's latest mechanical machination, now guards the fifth floor of the Shadow Tower. A battle robot bristling with armaments, it’s ready to give Trovian invaders a very, VERY warm welcome!
  • You won't like him when he's angry.
  • Adventurers wishing to avoid their curtain call had best employ a better defense than Cubic Curtain.

Additional Shadow Tower Updates
  • Daughter of the Moon has relocated to her new penthouse on the sixth floor of the Shadow Tower.
  • Higher-quality keys can now be used to open Shadow Vaults. Moon Keys can open Normal and Hard Shadow Vaults, while Eclipse Keys can open Normal, Hard, and Ultra Shadow Vaults.
  • Titan and Lunar Souls now drop from Shadow Vaults instead of being directly awarded after defeating a Shadow Titan.
  • Daughter of the Moon now drops a new resource called Despoiled Divinity in addition to Lunar Souls. One Despoiled Divinity can be earned for each Shadow Tower difficulty, up to a maximum of 3 per week.
  • Many new rewards have been added to the Shadowy Market for Hearts of Darkness, Titan Souls, Lunar Souls, and Despoiled Divinity.
  • The amount of Flux dropped from Titan's Treasures has been significantly reduced.
  • The number of Titan Souls dropped by Shadow Titans has been adjusted as follows:
    • Spikewalker Normal/Hard/Ultra: 1/2/3
    • Weeping Prophet Normal/Hard/Ultra: 1/2/3
    • Vengeful Pinata God Normal/Hard/Ultra: 1/3/5
    • Shadow Hydrakken Normal/Hard/Ultra: 1/3/5
    • Darknik Dreadnought Mk II Normal/Hard/Ultra: 1/3/5
  • Previously, explosions only damaged Shadow Titans if they occurred near the center of the Titan. This bug has been fixed, and explosions now damage Shadow Titans if they hit any part of them.
  • Elite enemies can now spawn in the Shadow Tower. Each drops a guaranteed Shadow Shard, with a chance for one extra shard in Hard mode and two extra shards in Ultra.
  • An assortment of new enemies have migrated to the Shadow Tower.
  • Shields no longer prevent being killed by the Daughter of the Moon's one-shot attack.
  • Elemental worlds now drop Shadow Key Fragments, Moon Key Fragments, and Eclipse Key Fragments. These all have a chance to drop from clearing 1-star and 3-star dungeons, similar to how gem boxes currently drop in Prime Worlds. Patron status gives two such chances (which may result on any given chest as 0, or 1, or 2 of the drops that a Prime World chest of the same Uber level would drop.)
  • Prime Worlds now drop more Shadow Key Fragments, Moon Key Fragments, and Eclipse Key Fragments. 1-star Dungeons will see their drops increased by approximately 50%, while 3-star dungeons will see their drops increased by variable amounts. Patron status doubles such drops.

New Dragons
  • Seven new dragons have landed! Recipes for each can be found in the Dragon Crucible, and their egg fragments have been scattered throughout the game.
    • Voidwalker Dragon Egg Fragments for Indurion, the Unwavering, can be found in Shadow Caches.
    • Iridescent Dragon Egg Fragments for Baesmuth, the Shaper's Gift, can be found randomly while mining.
    • Spinner Dragon Egg Fragments for Rachnaphon, the Silent Spectator, can be found as a rare drop from spiders in the Fae Forest biome.
    • Floral Dragon Egg Fragments for Petallura, Nature's Beckoning, can be found randomly from planted harvests.
    • Preserver Dragon Egg Fragments for Miraldis, the Primordial Preserver, can be found as a rare drop from dinosaurs in the Jurassic Jungle biome.
    • Ice Dragon Egg Fragments for Wyntegra, Galenor's Pride, can be found while mining ice shards in the Permafrost biome.
    • Kami Dragon Egg Fragments for Crisopeia, The Crucible of Souls, can be found as a rare drop from robots in the Neon City biome or from Shadow Vaults.
  • A new category, Ancestral Dragon, has been added to Collections to break up the large Legendary category and more accurately reflect the different methods of acquisition.

Trovian Atlas
  • The Portal Tower in the Hub World has been replaced with the Sun Goddess Statue!
  • The Sun Goddess Statue is surrounded by:
    • A Radiant Merchant, where Radiant Sovereigns can be spent on great rewards!
    • A Radiant Dayspring, where amazing new items can be earned with Daily Login tokens!
    • Three copies of the new Trovian Atlas (details below)!
  • The Trovian Atlas is a new visual representation of all the worlds in Trove, including the Prime Worlds, Drowned Worlds, Cursed Skylands, Igneous Islands, Shores of the Everdark, and the Shadow Tower Foyer. It’s basically an easy-to-use overworlds map that grants access to any world. (Yo block, we heard you like maps, so we put some maps in your map…)
  • Simply open the Trovian Atlas, select the desired world, select Enter, and let the adventure begin. (Power Rank requirements still apply!)
  • All existing Adventure World portals are still functional. However, going forward, none will be located in the hub. A personal copy of the Trovian Atlas may be obtainable in the future, but for now it only exists in the Hub World.

Fae Trickster Updates
  • The duration of Faerie Dance staves has been increased to 15s from 10s.
  • Faerie Dance staves now use player health and take 75% less damage.
  • The attack speed of Faerie Dance staves now shoot 20% faster.
  • Ego Blast now deals 20% more damage.
  • Glitterbomb now has a 0.5s stun and deals 33% more damage.
  • Glitterbomb no longer knocks back enemies.
  • The explosion radius on Glitterbomb has increased to 3.5 from 3.0.
  • The Fae Trickster class gem, Faerocious Facsimile, has been temporarily removed from the class gem loot table until it can be improved. Existing copies of Faerocious Facsimile can continue to be used.
  • A completely new class gem has been added for Fae Tricksters! This new gem shields Ego Blast for one additional hit before the bonus damage is temporarily removed. It can be found in the Shores of the Everdark with a class gem key. Enjoy!

  • The Progression Weekly Deal has been reborn as the Turboriffic Weekly Deal! It now offers 25 Golden Gem keys, 10 Double Experience Potions (2x the previous) and 20 Bound Brilliance! This blockalicious bundle will appear in the Store every four weeks.
  • The Eclipse Pack is here! Sun? Moon? Darkness? Why not all three at once thanks to this new pack that's stuffed with Radiant, Lunar, and Shadow goodies! Contains 3 awesome allies, 6 magnificent mounts, and 18 slick styles.

Additional Updates
  • Legendary and Primordial Dragons now unlock directly into Collections when crafted.
  • Diamond Dragon Eggs can now be loot collected in to 250 diamond dragonite.
  • The “Select a Class” window can now be sorted by level, power rank, or availability. Sorting the same category a second time reverses the display order, making it easy to find classes with the lowest level or power rank.
  • Fixed an exploit with the Loot Collected leaderboard.
  • The prevalence of the Peaceful Hills biome has been increased in all worlds. Sunlight Bulb harvesters rejoice!
  • The spawn rate of Sunflower Shrines in Peaceful Hills biomes has been increased.
  • Added a message letting players know they cannot fish without a lure.
  • Added the Regal Eagle, Water Goat, and Wolfrik Hat Styles to Stash Exclusives. Get them with Super Style Unlockers!
  • They skitter, they squeak, they have cubular feet! Rat mounts have been added to the Adventurer's Crafting Bench. Rat Talismans can be found very rarely in Uber 8 and higher adventure worlds.
  • The rewards for completing the Golden Thread have been revamped for new players.
  • Three new maps by xandllu (fire and ice, spring bellowing, Valley of Colors) and 2 new maps by Nuxus1 (Hotel, MetalWorld) have been added to the PvP rotation.
  • New spear styles by Zayth and Rosain have been added to the game!
  • ”Daily Loot Chests” have been renamed “Leaderboard Reward Chests” to reduce confusion, since they are now only available from the XP Weekly Leaderboard.
  • The “Show Challenges and Objectives” menu option no longer requires a restart to take effect.
  • Fixed the "Any" category in the Marketplace.
  • Fixed an issue where some Chaos Chests could not be claimed as currency on sold auctions.
  • Fixed a bug where pressing the “locate” button on a crafting item claim directed you to the Adventure Inventory instead of the Crafting Inventory.
  • The Trolling Trawler now grants 100 mastery and requires 3 Ancient Scales to craft rather than 200.
  • Fixed the gem border for an ability in adventure mode sticking around in build mode.
  • The Triumphant Troveblade weapon style, a special blade obtained by purchasing a $100 pack, is now in the "Store" sub-category in Collections/Styles/Melee.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when quitting the client after loading the game for the first time.
  • New biome-specific craftable benches have been added to the Builder's Crafting Bench for every biome. The biome-specific recipes previously found in the Workbench have been moved to these individual benches. Generic recipes remain on the original Workbench.
  • Unlocking Selene the Celestial via a Golden Dragon Effigy will now grant the Lunar New Year Dragon Spirit Badge.
  • Attempting to replace a gem with another gem that won't fit in the socket will now result in the correct error message.
  • Removed a duplicate item from the Medieval Highlands recipes.
  • Fixed inconsistencies with the item and collection names of the following, per community feedback:
    • Shuffling Shrimp Nigiri
    • Cygnus_01 Speedcycle
    • Snowfest Log
    • Trovian Tumbler
    • Personal Pop Parade
    • Pink Gummy Barbearian
    • Blue Gummy Barbearian
    • Pink & Blue Gummy Barbearian
  • Fixed the Shadow Fridge Bottom referencing an incorrect blueprint. Thanks, Etaew!
  • Wings can now be opened with 0 jumps remaining during minigames.
  • Improved the report spam feature.
  • Fixed Chloromancer heal VFX for seedlings when using a skin.
  • Minigame elements no longer appear in PvP maps or incompatible minigame maps.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the currency selection to change unexpectedly when searching the Marketplace.
  • The Ice Towers dungeon in the Permafrost biome has been removed to reduce FPS issues.
  • To prevent a client crash, the Marketplace can no longer be opened while a dialog popup is visible.
  • Scaled down all dragon allies to prevent them from appearing larger than some player characters.
  • Dino Tamer minions now show combat numbers.
  • The issue with the Knight rapidly swinging the primary attack after a charge has been fixed.
  • The Floral Fantasy aura will now correctly unlock when crafted in the Chaos Crafter.
  • When Cursed Skulls are active, they are now transparent and no longer block projectiles.
  • The Vial of Unleashed Power now has a 10 second cooldown.
  • The client no longer captures the mouse immediately upon starting and waits until the world has loaded.
  • Crafting recipes which unlock collections will now display x1 if the collection hasn't been unlocked and x0 if the collection has already been unlocked.
  • Fixed the A.M.O.K. Aimbot torso and left shoulder and the Royal Ranger left shoulder.
  • Projectiles in the Dracolyte's Burning Ward ability now match the theme of the equipped costume.
  • The Neon Ninja Ultimate no longer displays Fae Trickster VFX.
  • Fixed the duration of the Reboot Ult VFX to match the duration of the power.
  • Various optimizations and client crash fixes

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Trovesaurus 3rd Anniversary
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Community Draws Rosain
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Pasteis Week
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