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Trovesaurus Gold

Trovesaurus Gold is a way for us to provide perks for people who donate to support the site. This should not be thought as a payment for Gold, but an added benefit for donating.

Main Features

  • Remove Ads: When you are logged in, you won't see any adverts on Trovesaurus
  • Custom Avatar: Use any image for your avatar
  • Custom Profile Banner: Display a custom banner image on the top of your profile
  • Share Refer-a-Friend: We'll feature your Refer-a-Friend code on each page of the site
  • Featured Streamer: We'll feature a channel you select when they play Trove at the top of every page when they are online
  • Leader Discord: Gain access to a leader channel of the Trovesaurus Discord


  • Cost: You can get a month of Trovesaurus Gold for:
    • $5 donation or 
    • 2 Reward Tokens
  • Why: Apart from all the features we listed above, it helps to support the site. So we can spend more time working on great features and content for you.
  • Something's Wrong!: Just send a message to Etaew (PC) and he'll be happy to sort things out for you.



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